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Dedicated to increase your investment our REHABILITATION TEAM is ready to service investors, property owners, association and rental management  firms.


“The Specialist on the Field”

A complete Gut & Rehab for your property is essential not only for aesthetic and functionality purposes but for safety and energy compliances, long life, and value improvement.

Our REHABB TEAM is dedicated to improve your housing investment, we service a single unit house, associations and rental managements firms.

We understand the challenge a real estate property represents for their owner, and we are ready to help you providing a reliable service, which is going to be always within your budget accomplishing the work your property requires.


Destroyed, distressed, and damaged properties need more than a construction crew to make them livable again.

Mother nature, accidents and abandonment affect the properties in a manner that seems to be impossible to return the property to a livable condition.

The rehabilitation of a property requires specialized knowledge since many factors are involved in the future safety of the property and their owners or prospect owners.

With many years working on this field allow us to provide you the best service on all the phases of the project, from assisting you on the emergency security of the property, deal with insurance claims, work with building departments and financial institutions.



· REOs Specialists

· Bank Owned Properties

· Fire and Water Damage

· Regular maintenance of properties

· Exterior Improvements

· Conversions

· Condos & Townhomes Associations

· Real Estate management firms


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