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We are dedicated to Remodel Your Home with all the new trends and features to accommodate your home to your lifestyle, so that you can call your house...HOME

Our mission is to provide the best and complete service to your property in order to maintain, preserve, and increase its value at a reliable cost to make your living space more affordable.

The Remodeling Industry is a very complex area where not only a hammer and a piece of drywall are needed but a whole package going from an experienced residential real estate advisor to determine how the value of your property will be affected with the change, a creative interior designer to bring your ideas to life and accommodated to your best use, and a contractor with all the knowledge, experience and respect you deserve.


Maintain, preserve and repair your property is also essential not only for aesthetic and functionality purposes but for safety and energy compliances, long life, and value improvement.


Destroyed, distressed, and damaged properties need more than a construction crew to make them livable again, with new laws in effect for all the communities according to EPA on lead, asbestos ,and other health risk related materials abatement, you will need an experienced and certified contractor, with a budget planning advisor to give you the best value for your money.


I Remodel Your Home is all this together.


Servicing all Chicago and suburbs area, licensed on many municipalities, bonded and insured.

“We make friends, not customers”

Andres Garcia


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